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Robotics and automation are transforming horticultural industries around the world. As packhouses become bigger, automation is the only way to achieve greater efficiencies and stay competitive in today’s market. 

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing the equipment you need to grade, sort and pack your fresh fruit and vegetables. From the smallest cherries to the largest melons, we take care of your entire packing line so you can operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 




We customise our designs and the quality of our equipment is second to none – but we understand that operator skill and knowledge is just as crucial as the machinery itself. We partner with you to help staff fully embrace automation so you can turn your production dreams into reality. 


"The passion that the MAF team showed for not only their technology but also the dynamics of the kiwifruit industry allowed for a collaborative design and efficient install. MAF impressed us with the commitment to ensure that the machine was ready for the season, the professional approach to the install eased the tension that surrounds a major upgrade, a new provider and a fast approaching harvest season".



Bin Handling

We supply a full range of robotic stacking, de-stacking and bin sanitizing equipment so your fruit or vegetables can begin their journey safely and efficiently down your packing line.

Conveying & Infeed

Our soft-handling conveying and infeed equipment will transport your freshly-picked produce down the line and give you complete control over your production levels and speed. 

Traceability Systems

We provide an end-to-end traceability system right from the bin tip to the finished pack which can also integrate with your inventory management system to provide a complete traceability loop.

Sizing & Sorting

MAF RODA remains at the forefront of developing new technologies to accurately grade and sort your fresh produce and we cater for all types of fruit and vegetables.

Packing & Automation

An efficient throughput on your packing line is crucial to the profitability of your business. We custom design your packing line to suit your individual requirements and use the latest technology available. 

Strapping & Palletising

Ensure your packed boxes are strapped and palletized as quickly and easily as possible. Our equipment is 100% compatible with your entire packing line for a streamlined performance.


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