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MAF RODA is the only supplier on the New Zealand market who can take care of your entire project from end-to-end – from your initial bin handling equipment right down the line to your strapping and palletizing machines.

This ease of integration and design means you only need to deal with one company, giving you better control over your project timeline and eliminating any potential hiccups. Our in-house design, manufacturing and installation experts are all focused on delivering your machinery and equipment in the quickest possible timeframe so you can minimize any disruption and be ready for your next harvest.

MAF RODA has a solid international reputation for delivering large-scale projects and we manufacturer hundreds of high-quality sizers and associated equipment around the world every year.   

Our packing lines can be fully customised to work within your precise space and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. Your key staff will be fully trained on how to operate, adjust and maintain the machinery and software so you have full control. Of course, we’re only a phone call away so when you need outside expertise, we are always there to help. 

We have a proven track record across a wide range of horticultural products including kiwifruit, avocado, apples, pears, citrus, tomatoes, cherries, stone fruit, melons and vegetables. 

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