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Apples are fruits that require delicate handling throughout the sorting and packaging process.It is crucial for all producers to preserve the integrity of the produce and therefore be able to propose the best production quality by meeting the requirements of the major retail and small retailer circuits, wishing to offer healthy and acceptable fruit to consumers.

MAF NZ can offer you high-performance technological solutions for the pre-grading of your apples, in particular with the POMONE grader, associated with electronic sorting sensors for inspecting the colour, diameter and external and internal defects of your produce.

All the grading and packaging equipment is developed taking into consideration the delicate handling of apples, in order to avoid bruising, particularly through the injection of water. Every effort is made in the definition of the packaging lines to enable you to organise your work using versatile tools, while respecting the fruit and managing your orders.

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.


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