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The grading and packaging of stone fruits can be organised into direct packaging or as two-stage work (pre-sizing and packaging) for annual volumes of between 100 and 15,000 tonnes.

Furthermore, processing the packaging of peaches with four colours (peach, nectarine, white and yellow), a multitude of packages, and orders for same-day delivery make the task complex. 

Backed by its experience, MAF RODA AGROBOTIC has invested heavily in producing sensors for colour, diameter, external defects and internal defects specific to stone fruits. The electronics installed on the fruit conveyors are not standard: they are genuinely dedicated to stone fruits. The key challenge for pre-sizing and grading lies here: sorting better so as to sell better and manage costs better. In this context, and when there are large volumes to market, the pre-sizing of stone fruits simply goes without saying.

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.


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