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Along with the main variety (the Hayward), many other kiwi varieties are available on the market. The kiwi is the archetypal "difficult" fruit, extremely sensitive to all mechanical handling. Our equipment meets the most stringent requirements, in order to ensure the most appropriate treatment of this produce so as to preserve its integrity and quality.

MAF NZ is able to offer you the most suitable tools and equipment for grading and packaging all kiwi types:


  • Crate handling, empty or full, unit or stack,

  • Treatment: brushing, waxing, drying tunnel, air blade drying, heat treatment,

  • Grader sorting: POMONE, ONEWAY, FREEWAY, GENESIS, UNIWAY coming in various pitches: 88, 100, 120, 152,

  • Electronic sorting: sensors for colour, diameter, external defect, internal defect, soft fruit detection,

  • Manual packaging: table, bank, delicate fruits crate filler, tray speed packer,

  • Manual or automatic palletizing,

  • Traceability and printing (pallet, package sheet, etc.)

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.


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