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The cherry is a high value-added fruit that is sorted and packaged over a short season lasting several weeks. What is more, production must be conducted extremely delicately in order to guarantee fruit integrity and high volumes of healthy fruit. There can be no room for error.

Whether for direct packing or for pre-sizing, our range of equipment has something to meet your needs:


  • Crate and bin handling, empty or full, unit or stack,

  • Hydrocooling (core cooling of the fruit),

  • Handling the cherries in water channels,


  • Electronic sorting with sensors for colour, diameter, external defects, internal defects, soft fruit detection,

  • Manual and automatic packing: weighing filler, crate filler in water, bank, etc.

  • Manual and automatic palletizing, in particular using overhead cranes,

  • Traceability and printing (pallet, package sheet, etc.)

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.


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