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Pears come in many varieties, and in extremely diverse shapes and sizes. Different degrees of delicate handling are required, depending on the variety of pear. To meet the specific constraints of pear grading in order to preserve the integrity of the produce and therefore be able to propose the best production quality, MAF RODA AGROBOTIC has designed a panel of grading machines equipped with sensors for colour, diameter, and internal & external defect inspection.

Whether for direct packing or for pre-sizing, our range of equipment has something to meet your needs:

  • Bin or crate handling, empty or full, unit or stack,

  • Emptying into live bottom hoppers,

  • Manual packaging: rotary, table, bank,

  • Manual or automatic Palletizing,

  • Traceability and printing: palette, package sheet, etc.

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.


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