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MPAC required a new pack line built for a green fields packhouse project for startup in 2018. The new building is fully temperature controlled to manage fruit temperature from delivery to shipping. All Forklift movements have been optimized to ensure the shortest path from unloading to packing to cold store to load out. The site has room to expand in the future and has been designed with this in mind. 


  • 10 Lane presize and 8 Lane packing line with automatic bin sanitizing. The line has 40 x packing outlets for manual tray and box filling with packaging conveyors installed that deliver empty packaging from a mezzanine floor above to the packing area. A very detailed and compact layout provides great operational management with the bin tip area very close to the operator station and elevated platforms allow for unobstructed views across the grading area and to the packouts.

  • A MAF Roda de-stacker and continuous bin tip designed to reach 120 x bins per hour was specified to acheive the production requirements of MPAC. Empty bins are sanitized in a custom built system with inverter, blower and sanitizing cycle. This line has 2 x fruit regulator conveyors designed and built for this project that allows the fruit to be accurately metered onto the 2 x sizers and maintain high cup fill and lane distribution without overfilling. A custom designed SCADA equipment supervision and management system is installed to control the 250 x motors, vsds, belts and conveyors. Data logging and estop visualization helps to streamline operator interaction with the automated controls.   

  • The MAF Roda Pomone 10 lane pre-grading sizer and 8 lane packing line separates the quality grading and packing functions to maintain constant cup fill and efficiency on the manual packouts. 2nd grade fruit is packed on a 2 lane Uniway sizer online or it can be bin filled for packing at a later time.  

  • The packline uses Insight II NIR technology to grade internally for dry matter and Global Scan 6 with softness scan 2 for external grading. NIR can be applied to manage packing and storage priorities for fruit with high or medium dry matter content and low dry matter fruit can be removed. To compliment the camera system there are grading tables available to have the fruit inspected by staff if required. The line is capable of 8000 trays per hour and over 4100 pieces of fruit per minute of 1st Grade Kiwifruit.   


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