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  • DIR bin de-stacking 

  • Custom designed  bin tip with gentle discharge

  • Newly designed incline  singulator specifically designed for 2017 Kiwifruit season

  • Upgraded Pomone weighing drive system 

  • 10 Lane pregrading sizer with Globalscan 6 and softness scan II

  • Ergonomic grading tables with reject and down grade belt system

  • 8 lane commit to pack sizer with NIR for dry matter and brix grading 

  • Electronic double cupping eliminator

  • Custom designed packout and packaging delivery conveyors with electronic height adjustment

  • Speed packer for single layer tray filling

  • Custom design bin outfeed  with robotic sanitising and stacking system 

  • MAF Roda's latest "Supervision" system with 360 degree cameras and packline control from central operator station.

Install Time: 6 weeks


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